About Us

It all started ten years ago, when Mark launched this website as an experiment, to see if other people would respond to our ideas and suggestions. As it turns out, cooks and people who love preparing the food love to share recipes and the site was an instant success. Over the years, Mark and his team managed to build a significant page on the web, and many people have found the solutions for their meals.

We often host articles that readers send us and now the visitors have an opportunity to rate every meal, tell their experience and share with our readers some tips and tricks.

On our site, you can find various type of recipes in different categories, which will inspire you to cook more and try meals that aren’t characteristic for your country. We want our readers to have a complete experience and offer them useful recommendations that will make their meals delicious. You can also follow cooks at our site and share their recipes. We have a couple of social media pages that might interest you, and there we have video tutorials that you can follow and recreate our meals.

Send us your recipes!