Author: Robert K. Likens

Ideas for Healthy and Easy Dishes

People usually think that healthy eating means eating the same ingredients over and over again. That is so far away from the truth. The options of healthy dishes are limitless. Actually, a healthy diet is full of variety. There are much more ingredients than just fruit and vegetable. For example, fish, nuts, rice milk, cocoa powder, salmon, oats, and those are only some of it. Healthy dishes are not boring, nor tasteless. You can have a variety of flavours in a single meal. Many of us struggle with what to cook without repeating the same dishes. It is a...

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Tips on Grilling Vegetables

Even when it comes to grilling, you can eat healthy and tasty food. You can grill vegetables, which is a common thing, and people love it. It can be a side dish, but you can prepare it as the main one. Either way, you will fill your stomach. When it comes to grilling, there are a few tips on how to do it as best as possible. We won’t be sharing hacks on how to grill a perfect stake, but rather perfect vegetables. If you never grilled before, or even if you have, it won’t hurt to check this...

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What Is Healthy Eating?

Healthy eating isn’t about being on a diet for a certain period of time, it is a way of life. That means you have to eat like that all the time, not only for a few months. Also, it isn’t a form of diet, you won’t be starving yourself. Healthy food gives you energy and everything else your body needs. You can learn to make healthy dishes that are, at the same time, tasty and nutritious. Healthy food doesn’t equal bad-tasting food, it is a common inception. Once you try eating like that, you will continue. People, whose diet...

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An Alternative To Frying

Although I love grilling, sometimes you cannot beat some fried food. Especially on a cheat day, which is something I observe when I’m particurarly following the slow carb diet. However, typically the amount of oil used in frying upsets my stomach – not to mention the health issues. Recently I’ve started air frying after I purchased the Philips XL Airfryer. This has really revolutionized my cheat day cooking and ensures I do not fall off the wagon too much. I did a lot of research ahead of making the purchase and I collected a lot of answer that I...

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Spicy Grilled Fish Recipe – The Delicious Meal You Should Try

Many people avoid preparing fish on the grill because it can quickly fall apart. In this case, you are required to have a bit of experience and to turn over the fish only when it has a nice crust. The taste of this meal will depend on the marinade and how well you prepare it. The fish needs to be crispy on the outside, but moist and soft on the inside. If you want to learn who to make the spicy grilled fish, then follow the steps below. Prepare the marinade For this you will need: ¼ cup of...

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