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Grilled Steak
Here's the Beef!

Beef continues to top the list of favorite foods to cook on the grill according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. This does not come as a suprise, since I'm a Mom to boys. My boys are "all about beef."

Although grillers are branching out and also trying healthier foods like vegetables on the grill (which is a good thing), there's just something about a big juicy steak or a hamburger with all the trimmings. Yum! My mouth starts to water just thinking about it.

Beef Favorites

Eighty-two percent of home grillers put steak on their favorite list and 79% say grilled burgers are family favorites when they talked to HPBA. Chicken and hot dogs also made the hot list for grilling.

Beef Cooking Dream List

As far as beef cuts that folks would like to learn to cook on the grill, the Weber Grill company noted that beef roasts and beef briskets were the most often mentioned "wish list" dishes on their GrillWatch Survey. Both cuts can be grilled, but it's a lot easier to move up to a smoker if wanting to cook larger cuts of beef.

Favorite Beef Recipes

Steak - If I want to turn heads, I slap some steaks on the grill. They're expensive, but they sure cook up good. Any time I break out steaks, the boys think it's a party, and I guess it really is.

Hamburgers - Ground beef is usually priced well and often on sale. I pat out my burgers and marinate them, and they are so much better than the formed patties or what you get at restaurants. No slam to Ronald McDonald, but fast food burgers are not in the same class as home grilled burgers.

Grilled Hamburger Trouble Shooting Guide - If you're having difficulties with your grilled hamburgers, see this quick question and answer guide. If you don't find your solution, shoot me an email.

See my Site Map for more beef recipes as well as other great grilled foods.



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