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Beer Butt Chicken Heads
Funny Gag Gear

Beer Butt Chicken
Just Needs a Funny Head

I was looking around Amazon for new grill gear and came across Ceramic Drunk Chicken Heads to top off Beer Butt Chickens (also known as Beer Can or Drunken Chickens).

We've been making Beer Butt Chicken for ages. It's a rather campy way to cook and definately gets some attention, but it also is some of the tastiest chicken I've ever had. The steam from the beer makes the chicken super moist, and the seasonings put in the beer can adds lots of flavor. You can also use a can of soda to get a similar effect.

It never crossed my mind to dress up my Beer Butt Chickens, but someone came up with that. Someone with a wicked good sense of humor.

You just stick the cermanic head on top of the chicken where you see the neck bone sticking up. Then you have a funny way to cook chicken along with a funny serving topper. I just love it! I'll have to get some of those.


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