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Kum Ba Ya
I Love Cookbooks!

I have a passion for cookbooks. My brother built me a bookshelf for Christmas, because I had too many for the cabinet. Now, the bookshelf is about full too. I keep telling myself I need to part with some of them. But, that's hard. They are like old friends especially the dog eared ones that are favorites.

Some of my cookbooks were given to me as gifts. Others I bought. I also pick up neat ones at Good Will and Salvation Army.

I've been too busy grilling to write up many cookbook reviews yet, but I'll share them as I can and add the reviews to the list. It really is nice to know a little about a book before buying it.

Drop me an email if you find a great outdoor cookbook. It's always fun to find another super one.

Outdoor Cookbook Reviews:

Peace, Love and Barbeque (outdoor smoking with fun stories)
The Greatest Barbeque Tips in the World (handy grill reference guide)
Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue (terrific book full of great information)
She-Smoke (designed for women - but a great overview book of outdoor cooking for anyone)


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