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Goofing Off at Camp

I am not a happy camper. You can ask my boys.

The last time we went camping, I ended up in the back of the Xterra. It was parked on an incline, so I spent the whole night crawling back up, so I did not fall out on the ground. We were on the side of a lake filled with frogs. These were not normal frogs; they were screeching frogs. I finally fell asleep about the time the sun came up. I woke up sweating, since the sun heated the SUV up like an oven. I tumbled out of the Xterra and yelled, “I hate camping.” Everyone camped on the side of this lake probably laughed except my boys and their dad. They packed me up, took me to Hardees for a biscuit and home for a shower.

Although I am not well suited to sleeping under the stars while thinking about bears, I enjoy outdoor camp cooking. I camp a little when I can’t help it but mainly visit and help with the meals.

We even have a fire pit in the side yard. The boys enjoy camping in the yard. I enjoy sleeping in my bed and cooking out after I get a shower and fix my hair which is always bed head in the mornings.

For obvious reasons, I do not have a camping web site. I do, however, have lots of great camp recipes. These are from growing up in a camping family (a plot I thought - to ruin my life) and from helping with the cooking badges in Boy Scouts.

Camping Recipes:

Cast Iron Grilling (skillet cooking)


Dough Boys (biscuits on a stick)


Hot Chocolate Mix


Ice Cream (in zip lock bags)
Home Churned Ice Cream
Dirt Balls (no cook fudge)



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