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Pete Benac

smoked whole hog
Slow Smoked Pork for Pig Pickin'

I met Pete Benac on Twitter. Then, I learned more about his barbecue business. Peter is an outdoor catering guy.

Boy Scout Start

Like my own sons, Pete got his first taste of cooking with Boy Scouts. He noticed the Dutch ovens and asked his Scoutmaster about them. Armed with the Boy Scout Field Book and with some research at the library, Peter learned to Dutch oven cook.

Around here, I usually handle the outdoor cooking for Scouts including Dutch oven. But, most Boy Scout troops do not have an outdoor cooking contact, so the boys have to figure it out. It is impressive when a Scout masters it on his own without direct help.

Early Start

Later, Pete helped his Mom with weekly church socials and learned how to cook for bigger groups. That is a challenge. Feeding the masses is definitely different from feeding a family or small group.

In 1999, Pete saw a message posted on his work newsgroups requesting information on hiring someone to do a Pig Pickin’. Pete thought he could handle it, and that was his first barbecue gig.


Pete is a Big Green Egg fan (they gave him some free) and does some catering with a selection of ten eggs.

I thought that the BGE might be a little small for bulk outdoor cooking, but Pete assured me that the Big Green Eggs pack more power than at first glance.

“Volume is a well known myth I love breaking,” says Pete. “I can cook six, eight-pound butts on any one of my large Eggs, twenty-two pound turkeys, six to eight racks of ribs, 40 to 60 chicken thighs, twenty to forty baked potatoes, or two half steamer pans of baked beans.”

Well, cool, that is a lot of food. I do have a Big Green Egg, but I’ve never packed it full. I need to think about that. I am clearly not getting my bang for the buck.

Pete is a man of few words and told me that I could find answers on his web site. I doubt readers want a rehash of content, so I'll just share that it is possible to cater with Big Green Eggs. They are cool but heavy, and according to Pete they hold more than you might expect. So, I will have to see about some racks and see what I can manage to fit on on my BGE.



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