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Chef Matt's Arizona Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce
Grill Girl Loves These Barbecue Sauces

chef matts barbecue sauce
Mild, Hot, or Raspberry - All Great

I was sold on Chef Matt's sauces right from the start, because he does a label to benefit firefighters. My cousin, Eugene, is a firefighter, so I'm biased right from the start.

If you happen to be with a firefighters group, then be sure to check out Firefighters Sauce. I can tell you that it's not only a great cause, it's great sauce as well. In fact, Firefighters Barbecue Sauce went over so well here that I ordered the three bottle collection to check out Chef Matt's other sauces.

I'm from North Carolina so grew up on vinegar based BBQ sauce. The boys' Dad is from Kansas, so we do a lot of KC sauces as well. Now, Chef Matt is from Arizona. And, I must say that I never thought of that as a barbecue area.

That's fine though. I know good stuff when I taste it.

You can go check out Chef Matt's Barbecue page (and no I do not sell his sauce or any other sauce) and read up on his barbeque sauces, but you really need to taste them to get the idea.

I would say that Chef Matt is kind of a cross between east coast and midwest sauce. It's not as thin and does not have the vinegar levels of the Carolinas, but it's not as thick and ketchup-ie as Kansas City. It's just a nice middle ground with a smooth but rich texture and a little kick but not enough to send you to the emergency room.

The mild or regular Chef Matt's Arizona Honey Habanero is one that you can serve up to all guests for any occasion. It just has a wonderful flavor. You can taste the peppers but not enough to upset your mild mannered barbecue guests. The honey as far as the sweet taste is much smoohter and nicer than sugar. This one is just a great balance and a nice sauce to have on hand.

I'm a HOT chick (-: So, I love the hot version of Chef Matt's sauce. He turns up the heat a bit, but he does not ruin his flavor for the sake of making it hot. Anyone can make stuff hot. The key is to add the heat without losing the flavor. Chef Matt nails it. So, if you or your friends like your sauce hotter (but not scorching your nose hairs), then I'd say get some hot Chef Matt sauce.

The sauce I had my eye on was the raspberry version. I love raspberries and barbecue sauce. But, would they go together?

YES! The chicken you see below has the Chef Matt's Honey Habanero Raspberry BBQ Sauce on there. And, yum, that was really good. It's just a hint of raspberry but enough to make it an extra special sauce.

I always check with the boys on the sauces we try. After all, they eat all my creations. In this case, it was all thumbs up for Chef Matt (which does not happen all that often), but as far as the three versions, that split out with one vote each on the three. I went for the raspberry. My older son voted hot sauceand the younger one mild barbecue sauce. So, I guess that means I would suggest getting the sample pack with all three.

I would note that you need to have PayPal to order Chef Matt's BBQ Sauces. I've had PayPal for ages and no problems. He explains that on his pages. It's really really easy to get that set up, and it's nice to use rather than a credit card online.

I eat all kinds of barbecue sauce, and yes I do buy Kraft from time to time. But, I must say that if you only pick from the small number of BBQ sauces at your grocery store, you are missing out on a lot of great sauces out there. In fact, my boys are starting to get disappointed if I don't have a really great sauce like Chef Matt's on hand. They'll eat what I serve up and especially when it's grilled over charcoal, but the sauce really can take the meal from just tasty to terrific.

chef matts raspberry bbq sauce chicken
Chef Matt's Raspberry BBQ Sauce


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