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OutdoorChef City Grill Gas Tailgate Review
Excellent Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating, Road Trips, and Even the Home Deck

outdoorchef city grill chicken
OutdoorChef City Grill at Party

I tend to be a charcoal grill girl, but I really love the City Grill tailgate gas grill by Outdoor Chef.

Gas Kettle Grill Style with Funnels

You won’t see other portable gas grills with this kettle design. It just hasn’t worked for gas. But, City Grill has two funnel pieces that sit under the grate. They can be turned various ways to get different heat configurations.

It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. It’s just like stacking blocks. You just turn them to channel heat wider or more narrow.

Then, the grill can be used for high heat sear grilling or for slower grilling with a wider set up of the funnel pieces.

Quality of Grilling

With the funnels directing the heat, this grill is spot on and for all kinds of foods.

For steak, I place the funnels so the high heat is in the middle. I can sear a steak and then move it to the side where it continues to cook to the desired doneness and then place the next steak over the high heat center and repeat.

For the chicken that you see here, I have the wide end of the funnel up and have the setting on medium. The chicken cooks nice and even. The sides are a little hotter than the center, but overall the heat is more even than most gas grills.

For heating items in pans like chili or beans, I go a little lower on heat. The funnels keep the flames from hitting the pans. Foods don’t burn, and the pans do not get scorched. Thumbs up on that.

Also on lower heat, I can do bigger cuts of meat with the lid on.


City Grill is one great on-the-go grill. While it has a generous cooking grate surface and is up off the ground, the grill body and stand unclip. Each piece is around a foot tall. So, when you break down the City Grill, it will fit in a car trunk.

The grill uses the small gas bottles as you can see above, but it can also be attached to a full sized gas bottle. This makes it fine for a deck grill too. We often crank this grill up when I don’t want to break out the charcoal. It cooks plenty for a family of four.

Clean Up

All grills are a bit messy, but City Grill has a nice coating that is easier to clean than many grills. The main parts that need cleaning besides the grate are the funnels. Those come out, so I just soak and hand wash them when we use barbecue sauce or something that drips a lot.  

City Grill Looks Cool Too

When people come over or when we take the City Grill out, folks take notice. It really is a pretty grill in addition to working really great. The black with orange contrasts are nice, and there’s a little thermometer which is pretty accurate that slides in on the lid.  


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