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Hi! I'm Cyndi Allison (AKA Grill Girl). "Yes You Can Grill" is a project that I thought about a long time. It takes loads of time and work to write up articles, take photos and get them up online. There's a learning curve as well. My boys can attest to that. I said a few choice words and got the sniffles a few times when trying to figure this all out.

My idea was to provide guides and recipes that would cover all the details so that grilling would be fun for everyone. It's often something really small that makes the difference between a fabulous cook out and a flop.

I also love to share stories. My family roots are in the Virginia moutains where tall tales are treasured and family memories are shared and passed down. It's easy to lose some, though, when it's just word of mouth, so I like to hang on to the memories here at the site.

This is a one woman site, although I have some buddies who send me recipes, articles, and barbecue photos from time to time. I try to get them to send pics of themselves as well, so I can post those too. I also need to give a shout out to Maegen Worley who did the templates. She's really good as you can see.

Since this is a hobby site, I'm not on 24 hours a day (-: If you have a pressing question, I may be on and be able to shoot over an email within minutes, but I may be at work or sleeping or in the shower. When I'm home, I do check emails daily though and do get back in touch.

If you need or want to get in touch, just send me an email. If you use an online email, and the link pulls up the service email that you don't use, then you can just type in

Welcome to Yes You Can Grill. There's a lot here in just a year, and I'm always adding more. The best place to find the full list of pieces on the site is Site Map. It's along the top bar of the site as well. I've grouped all the articles on that list, so hopefully you will be able to find what you're looking for. If not, check back. I'm writing as fast as I can and grilling most evenings. It's a fun way to unwind, and I really like helping others with outdoor cooking.



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