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Meathead is a Red Hot Smoker
Craig Goldwyn - Expert on Low and Slow Outdoor Cooking

craig meathead goldwyn
Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn

I met Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn when I was working on a project about grills and smokers. I know my grills, and I'm decent on smokers. But, I don't have as many years or ribs and butts under my belt as Craig. Being, an easygoing kind of guy with a passion for meat done low and slow and willing to share his knowledge - no strings attached.

Meathead (I still have trouble calling him that - sorry) runs Amazing Ribs. Don't let the web site name fool you. He can teach you how to make amazing ribs (like don't boil them for starters), but he knows way more than super ribs. He's got you covered on smoking and adding more info and recipes all the time.

Even if you went out and bought one of those cheap smokers that are heck to use, Craig can tell you how to modify them so that they don't make you cuss quite as bad. He will tell you that you'd be better off getting a better smoker, and I agree. But, you know how that goes. That cheap price tag can be appealing until you're babysitting a shoulder all night and having the temperatures all over the place and usually not the right place.

Craig is big on thermometers too and rightly so. I can eyeball grilled food and have done pretty well with smoked foods. But, you really can't see what it looks like deep down in that meat when it's a big cut. And, who wants to have to finish it off in the oven or get sick? Nope. Not me. Anyway, he inspired me to get a thermometer.

My favorite thing about Craig is that he's funny. I'm a sucker for a guy with a sense of humor. I'm sure he'd be a blast at the party even if he was burning up the meat like some guys are bad about doing. That six pack rule really does not work. Stick on grill. When six pack is gone - meat is ready. Oh no. That is a myth. And, I know Meathead would never cook like that. He likes to have a good time, but he likes some good eatin' too. He's been spot on with every tip he's given me.

Thumbs up in my book (although I don't have one) to Meathead. Craig has one of my favorite smoking sites online, and I send folks over to Amazing Ribs for more detailed information on low and slow.



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