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Dirt Balls
A No Bake Fudge Type Candy

Little Girl with Big Smile
Dirt Balls Make Kids Smile

Little kids like to help with outdoor meals, but grills and campfires are hot and can be dangerous. With extra help, kids can help out – especially with mixing up sauces and making side dishes.

Kids also love to make Dirt Balls as you’re firing up the main dishes. Dirt Balls which are like a no bake fudge keep the kids busy but also involved in preparing the meal.

Dirt Balls are fun, because they are art projects as well as being tasty little dessert bites. The kids have a grand time making all kinds of shapes and can mash out the dough and start over again. It’s kind of like play dough but edible.  
Dirt Balls

•         1 cup peanut butter (smooth)
•         1 cup honey
•         2 cups powdered sugar (more if needed)


Mix the peanut butter and honey in a bowl. Pour in the powdered sugar and mix until fairly smooth. The batter gets “worked” by the kids and should be really smooth by the time they’re done playing.

If the dough is sticky or if it starts to get sweaty or sticky before the kids are done making creations, just add a bit more powered sugar.

Put the shapes out on a piece of wax paper or tin foil when the children are done. They firm up as they sit. They do better placed in the shade to rest.

Dirt balls can also be a nice rainy day project on camping trips or even something fun to make at home when the kids are bored.

Be sure to have hand wipes if making these outside. Little fingers will be pretty sticky after playing with Dirt Balls.

Bigger kids also enjoy making Dirt Balls. We first made quick type fudge at a Scout meeting. The guys had fun making these, and they sure were hyper after eating them.


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