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Dough Boys or Bread on a Stick

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Kid Fun at Cook Out

Kids today have all kinds of “WOW” toys, but old-fashioned fun is always . . . well . . . FUN. Get in touch with your own memories of childhood and impress your little ones with some outdoor fun. Cook up some Dough Boys (or bread on a stick).

Come on. Admit it. You are old enough to remember wrapping bread on a stick and charring your bread over an open fire. Well, maybe and maybe not. Either way, it’s great fun to make your own bread, and you don’t even need open flames to do so.

My mom was the local 4-H leader, and my dad was the Scoutmaster. We got lots of practice at making food outdoors, and Dough Boys were always popular.

Back when, someone (like Mom) would mix up biscuit dough. It has to be a little stiffer than typical to stick to the stick. Today, there are all kinds of canned biscuits, so this recipe is super simple. I would note that the cheap canned biscuits (like the store brands) really work better. Some of the upscale canned biscuits have too much fat and will tend to burn and/or fall off. That’s not fun.
So, you need to make some thick biscuit dough or easier yet – buy some cheap canned biscuits.

Find some sticks. You don’t want the dead ones in the yard. Those will catch fire. Break green sticks off a live tree. If that makes your heart hurt, then you can use old coat hangers (but not rusted) or even barbecue skewers. You just need something to wrap the bread around. Sticks are best, because they are longer.

Take the bread dough or biscuits and roll out like a snake.

Then, wrap the bread around the stick (or other cooking implement). Press the ends to make the dough stick to the stick.

Let everyone hold the Dough Boys over a campfire or over a grill or even in a home fireplace or over a cooking stove eye (though the stove is a slow and probably expensive method for this recipe). This is basically like roasting marshmallows, but it takes a little longer.

Obviously (or not), you want to supervise kids. Burns are no fun. In all our family years of making Dough Boys, no one ever got burned, but “never say never” I’ve learned. Go over the basic safety rules, keep an eye out and watch everyone (young and old) have a grand time making bread on stick.


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