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Firefighters Barbecue Sauce
Commerical BBQ Sauce Review

Firefighters Barbecue Sauce made by Chef Matt
Firefighters Barbecue Sauce - Five Stars

Chef Matt told me about his Firefighters Barbecue Sauce. Matt is a sauce guy from out in Arizona, and he has a soft spot for the men and women who fight our fires and keep us safe. My cousin Eugene is a professional firefighter. We were really tight growing up, and so I always think of him when I hear sirens or see a fire truck going down the road.

I was real pumped up about trying Firefighters BBBQ sauce, because I know this is a project that helps others. I’m all for people taking a dream and making a buck, but it’s really refreshing when someone puts out something they’ve worked for years on and gives back to the community.

I would have savored every bite of Firefighters Barbeque Sauce regardless and been glad to know that men like my cousin and women too would benefit from the sales. But, I always have to be honest with my readers, so I put this barbecue sauce to the taste test as well.

The boys and I fired up the Traeger pellet grill and put on a pork butt. Around here, I call them shoulders, because the boys don’t like to eat “butt.” I have tried to tell them that Boston Butt is the top part of the shoulder, but they just don’t go for that. So, I pull off the cover, and they never know the difference.

When the Boston Butt was about ready to come off, I slathered on some Firefighters Barbecue Sauce and let that set (flavor the meat and lightly brown). If you put sauce on early, then you have a mess and burned sauce which is not a good thing. Don’t sauce too early. I also warmed some sauce to pour on the meat and for dipping.

Yum. Firefighters Barbeque Sauce is some heap good eating. It’s kind of a cross between the thinner vinegar sauce from here in North Carolina and the thicker sauce out in Kansas. It’s both and neither. This is a pure Chef Matt Barbecue sauce that’s Arizona inspired with hints of other places but in a class all its own.

Firefighters sauce is medium in terms of thickness. It’s not thin like vinegar BBQ sauce, but it’s not thick like Kansas que sauce either. It’s kind of right in the middle.

As to the taste, this sauce has a twang. But, it’s not bitter. It’s that real smooth hot flavor that is hard to capture. You can taste the peppers, but you don’t have to blow your nose after you taste a bite, and your taste buds aren’t shot for the day. Yes. Sauces can be too hot. This one takes it to the right place. Enough heat to have flavor. Not so much that you fear going to the bathroom the next day.  

The boys are used to our North Carolina vinegar based sauce on chopped pork, but they both loved Firefighters Barbecue Sauce. There are very few sauces that get a yehaw from both boys. One likes spicy. One tends to go for mild. Firefighters had enough zest for my hot son and didn’t burn up my mild son.

I go five stars on Firefighters Barbecue Sauce and add an extra gold star for the support of our firemen and firewomen.

I almost forgot to mention that you can buy Firefighters Barbecue Sauce in gift boxes. There are two bottles of the delicous BBQ sauce, bracelets over each bottle like the Lance Armstrong braclets but red for firefighters, and also a nice long-sleeved t-shirt.

The Firefighters t-shirt is high quality. Sizes run roomy. When I can't see a t-shirt, I usually go with large to be sure it's not tight across the bust. This was a true large, and I could have gone medium. That turned dout to be a moot point, because my son thought the Firefighters t-shirt was "way cool." I did the normal Momma thing and asked if he wanted it. "Oh yeah!" I thought more people would see it with him wearing the shirt to high school, Scouts, to coach a soccer team, and other activities. My college students also saw the photo with my son wearing the t-shirt and mentioned that was a neat t-shirt. So, there you have it from the younger crowd that the t-shirt is eye catching as well as good for getting the word around about our firefighters.

Cool shirt. Cool sauce. Cool project.



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