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Charcoal Challenged? Try out FlameDisk for Sure FIRE Results!
Tailgating Tip

flamedisk replace charcoal
FlameDisk Grilling Fuel


flamedisk for grills easy to use
FlameDisk is Super Easy to Use


flamedisk fired up in charcoal grill
FlameDisk Fires Right Up


flamedisk good fire for grilling
Great Grill Marks with FlameDisk


flamedisk great grilled foods
Pork Chops Tasted Great Over FlameDisk

If you’re looking for a surefire fuel source for grilling, then the FlameDisk is just the tailgate ticket. You will have an instant, quick-and-easy grill fire going with the flick of a match with good, strong flames for around 45 minutes.

What Exactly is a FlameDisk?

FlameDisk looks sort of like a thin aluminum pie plate, but it’s filled with ethanol fuel which actually looks like candle wax down inside the FlameDisk.

You pull a tab and take off the protective cover and then see that the FlameDisk has a top, also aluminum, that has holes in top. That’s how you can see the fuel and note that it looks like some kind of candle wax.

FlameDisk goes inside a charcoal grill in place of charcoal. So, in my case with using a Weber Smokey Joe, I just placed the FlameDisk on the lower charcoal grate. It could be used in a larger grill for bigger groups and would be easier to control with less direct fire (more distance from the cooking grate and cooler areas around the sides). FlameDisk does fit just right in the Smokey Joe tailgate model (which is an excellent value), and when I wanted to tamp the fire back a bit, I just used the lid (vents open) and capped the flames back a little. So, it is great for a small tailgate grill too.

Once the FlameDisk is placed in the empty charcoal grill (not in a gas tailgate grill which has “parts” in there), just strike a match (included in package) and stick that to one of the side holes. I just hit one hole, and the entire disk fired up quickly. No big poof or anything. It just caught up very nicely and was ready for grilling it literally seconds.

How’d the Food Taste Cooked Over the FlameDisk?

The pork chops I just pulled off the grill were perfect. There was enough heat from FlameDisk to put nice grill marks on the chops, and they were not dry at all. Of course, I grill all the time and can eyeball meats really well. But, this way of grilling is super easy.

The company says that you get a charcoal flavor, and people could not tell the difference in blind taste tests. This I’m sure, is probably true. However, I can tell the difference, and FlameDisk does not give a charcoal flavor. It does provide an outdoor smoked taste like gas grilling with the meat juices and sauces dripping on the disk and providing enough smoke to get that effect. The flavor is excellent, but it’s not charcoal. But, then, nothing tastes the same as charcoal, but most people really don’t pick up on that.

What Can You Grill with FlameDisk?

FlameDisk is perfect for traditional grilled foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, and pork chops. Vegetables would be fine too and most easily grilled in a grill basket or wok. You could also stick on some bread like Texas Toast.

Don’t expect a smoker with FlameDisk. That would take much more time and a long burning heat source. In other words, you won’t be smoking ribs or a barbecue shoulder with FlameDisk as the fuel. Then again, I would hope that anyone tackling more complex and larger cuts of meat would immediately see that this is not a slow and low fuel. 

What I Like About FlameDisk?

I teach at the college and find that many tailgaters have problems with grilling. This takes all the pain out of trying to start a fire so the food can go on the grill.

In addition, FlameDisk is designed to be used in a charcoal grill rather than a gas grill, so the investment price to get started tailgating is lower. This is nice for students and also for those just dabbling with outdoor cooking. Even experienced grillers can enjoy this on-the-fly fuel that starts on a dime and provides good and even heat.

FlameDisk is a safer option too, because it just burns out in around 45 minutes. There are no hot charcoals to try to tamp out before going into a game or packing up. And, it’s mess free too boot. The grill fuel simply burns away, leaving a pan that can be recycled.

For green grillers, FlameDisk produces 90% less as far as air pollution when compared to charcoal, so that’s just another plus mark.

The Verdict on FlameDisk

I say thumbs up on a great outdoor fuel product. FlameDisk could not be easier to use, it works great, and there’s no clean up. It’s definitely a product that I’ll recommend to my tailgate friends who find that firing up before a football game or NASCAR race with charcoal is actually not as easy as it looks.



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