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Cyndi Allison - Grill Girl

Checking out the new Fuego Grills Including an Electric 02 Model
Fuego Grills are Outdoor Works of Art for Upscale Outdoor Entertaining

fuego gas grill
Fuego Gas Grill


fuego grill electric full size
Cyndi Grilling on the Electric Fuego


fuego grill blake
Blake is Getting His Grill On Too


fuego grilled food girls
The Girls are Ready to Eat


Time to Eat Feugo Grilled Food
Party Indoors Where It Was Warmer

Last winter I checked out the grills on the market for a national magazine, and I certainly had a chance to try out some amazing grills including the Fuegos.

Fuego has a modular line where you can build an outdoor kitchen, but I was looking specifically at the stand-alone models. Fuego caught my eye for several reasons.

Fuego Grill Design

In looking at the various grills out for this year, Fuego stood out. It has a very sleek contemporary look. It really does not look like the other grills on the market.

Robert Brunner was the designer for Fuego. If his name does not ring a bell, then he previously worked as the director of industrial design for Apple Computer. The Fuego grill does not, of course, look like a computer, but you get that cutting-edge high tech feel.

In addition to looking very contemporary, the units are quite serviceable in a variety of ways. The lid slides up and over for protection when the unit is not in use and then inside for cooking, so no bulky grill lid blocking the view. This gives 360 access to the grill – making it a nice conversation grill. You can grill and chat and no feel like you're behind a building.

The space inside the grill is set up for easy storage and with accessories that will appeal to many grill chefs. For instance, you have a nice spice rack to keep your magic grill potions.

One accessory that I was not prepared to like was the paper towel holder. It just looked like a little curved shelf. But, I actually could grab a paper towel and jerk while grilling. So, that paper towel rack looks really simple and is but it works perfect. I ended up really liking it.

Gas, Electric or a Combo?

I looked at and grilled on the Fuego 01 and the Fuego 02 Electric at Ferguson Enterprises in Charlotte, NC. Erica and Andrew set this up and sent Blake out to get things set up and help out. He was a good choice, and I'd hire him if I had a company - very nice young man.

With the Fuego 01, you have, in the basic model, two slide out gas drawer units. So, you have a gas grill. But, you can get infrared and/or charcoal drawers. So, you really have some nice versatility if you like different heat sources.

The Fuego 02 is an electric model. It’s been very hard to find a full sized electric. The U.S. is on 120 current (unless you pay to put in a 220 like you would for your washing machine), so it’s a push to get enough heat from a standard 120 outlet to power an electric grill. In this case, the Fuego could produce enough heat to make grill marks, but the electric did need 15 to 20 minutes of heat up time (keeping in mind that this was a December test – Brrrr - and no lid being used).

The actual grilling space on the Fuego 02 is in the range of the portable electric models out; however, you get the look and feel of a “real” grill. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a table and so on as you would with a portable electric grill. I like portables too, but it is nice to have a full size option in electric especially with fire and housing codes in many areas.

I’d Suggest the Option Lid for Any Buyers

I would think you could use the built in lid that slides out of sight on the Fuegos, but the flames and heat would discolor the lid and make it less attractive as a deco grill.

Anyone buying a Fuego should invest in the optional lift off lid which can be placed on and off for cleaning and stored out of sight as it gets darker with age and use.

There are many things that can be cooked open hibachi style but there area a lot of foods that benefit from some heat retention with a lid to finish off on the doneness etc.

The Price is High

You are looking at an upscale grill here. In my town, you could get a fairly serviceable car for the $3500 price tag on the Fuego 01 and the $1800 on the 02 is on up there too.

You are, however, buying more than a grill (and – yes- these did grill well). You’re getting a conversation grill that can be the center of a party (but not a really big party as the overall size is modest - cooking for 8 would be a push).

Was It Fun Grilling on the Fuego?

Yep. I really enjoyed checking out the Fuegos meeting Blake. He’s a young fellow as you can see in the photo. He set up, bought food (even hand patted the burgers), and talked me around to the store on the cell phone. I was on the back side and could not see the sign. "Help. I'm here but lost."

Blake hasn’t done much grilling, but who has at his age? Not many. I enjoyed giving him some tips on perfect burgers, and he shared his favorite secret marinade sauce. We both kind of shivered out there in the cold but the warm conversation and standing really close the hot grills helped on that.

When we finished up the grilling, we went inside Ferguson’s which is a very nice kitchen store in Charlotte, NC and enjoyed a grilled lunch with the lovely young ladies working there that day. They graciously hosted the cook out, so I could get a look at and feel for these new high end combo and electric grills.    





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