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Cyndi Allison - Grill Girl

Grill Gear

Cyndi Grilling on the Weber
Invest in Good Grill Gear

It may be tempting to buy a cheap grill and gear if you’re just getting started, but you’re much more likely to enjoy grilling and have successful meals if you invest in quality barbecue gear. It’s kind of like art. If you decide to try painting and have cheap brushes, your work probably won’t look very good. With cheap grill gear, you’ll have problems. And, you may decide that you don’t like to grill or that you’re a bad grill cook.

Do I Look Like I’m Made of Money?

Of course, cost is a consideration.

You don’t have to drop a grand to get a decent grill. Particularly if you go with charcoal, the grills (even the good ones) are pretty reasonable. I especially like Weber grills. They cook even, are easy to regulate, and they last forever. We used our last Weber for over 15 years. That grill traveled the world with our military moves, and we even managed to blow it out of the back of a pick up truck once.

Accessories for grilling tend to be fairly inexpensive and do make a difference. Our chimney starter ran around $20, and we don’t have to buy lighter fluid any more. The Lodge outdoor cooking gloves also cost around $20, and they are great. Another neat grill tool we picked up was the Forkula. Lee Smithson invented the unique turner. I bought mine on Ebay last year, but Lee also has a web site for his Forkula. The unique turner which slides between the grates only runs $15, and you will never drop or smash your grilled hamburgers again with a Forkula.

Some Things Work – Some Don’t

We have purchased some grill products that didn’t help much.

There were some huge turning tongs that were so long and heavy, that I could not mash them together to grab meat and vegetables off the grill. We’ve also dropped a few bucks on grill cleaning brushes that were pretty worthless.

I thought it would be a good idea to review various grills and gear, so family and friends would know which grill items work out and which don’t. I’m adding as I can, so check back. Also feel free to email. I may have tried something you’re considering and just haven’t had a chance to write up the review.

Here are some grill gear guides to get you started:

Gas Versus Charcoal– Buying a grill is the first step. There are pros and cons with both charcoal and with gas.

Cast Iron Skillet Grilling - Expand your options with a cast iron skillet. It will handle the heat and means lots more outdoor dishes to consider.

If You're Looking at Specific Grills or Smokers, Check These Reviews:

Full Size Grills

Fuego Grills (gas, combo, electric)

Tailgate Grills

Weber Smokey Mountain Tailgate Grill - This is a wonderful little charcoal grill to pack up and take on the road.
OutdoorChef City Grill - If you're looking for a gas tailgate grill, this one would be hard to beat.


Smoking Meat - Weber Smokey Mountain Bullet - I thought long and hard before buying a smoker. Great purchase. I should have bought one sooner.

Other Grill Gear

Lodge Outdoor Cooking Gloves– If you’re smoking or Dutch Oven cooking, then you especially need good cooking gloves. I use them for grilling too. I really hate to burn my fingers.

Beer Butt Chicken Heads - We love to cook Beer Butt Chicken. It's a fun way to to grill whole chickens. Now, they've come up with little ceramic heads to top off a funny grill dish.

Barbecue Rib Racks - If you decide to smoke ribs, racks make it much easier. The meat cooks more even too.

Thermoelectric Cooler Heater - This is one of my all-time favorite road trip items. It will either keep foods cool or warm.

Thinking about shopping online for meat, sauces rubs and other food stuff for your barbecue? Check out these companies where I've purchased food stuff.

Omaha Steaks (online meat and some side dishes)


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