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The Greatest Barbeque Tips in the World
Outdoor Cookbook Review

Kum Ba Ya
Handy Barbeque Reference

If you’re just starting out with outdoor grilling or even if you’ve been grilling for ages and need a quick reference guide, then The Greatest Barbeque Tips in the World by Raymond Van Rijk is a good bet.

I find many barbecue books to be overwhelming and difficult to use. Though the writers may be super outdoor cooks, they often jam too much information in and don’t organize the data well when trying to get the information down on paper.

Rijk who hails from New Zealand boils it down, packages it well and has a small but delightful handbook that is a joy to use.

I was able to read “Greatest Barbeque Tips” over in one evening. It runs 160 pages and is about 5 x 7 inches in size. Fits great in a pocketbook or glove box if you need it on the road when tailgating.

What’s Covered in this BBQ book?

First, let me say that this is NOT a recipe book. It is a how-to tip book just as stated. There are a few good recipes near the back, but if you’re looking for recipes, then this is not the book for you.

That’s not to say that the “The Greatest Barbeque Tips” won’t help you with your cooking. If you don’t understand the basics to grilling and smoking, then the recipes won’t do you any good anyway. Understand the processes, and you’ll be able to use recipes and even make up your own.

The chapters are pretty self-explanatory and include:

1.         Barbequing and Grilling
2.         Buying a Barbeque
3.         Fuel and Starters
4.         Safety, Cleaning and Hygiene
5.         Boys Toys
6.         Introducing Flavor
7.         Planning and Attitude
8.         Smoking, Steak and Fish
9.         Meat and Two Veg
10.       Spit Roasting and Rotisserie
11.       Grilling Charts
12.       Raymond’s Favourite Barbeque Recipes
13.       Useful Checklistss
14.       Conversion Tables

All the information is also indexed well in the back.

The book does not include photos, but a good cartoonist includes easy-to-understand drawings as well as some funny toons sprinkled throughout the book.

This One is a Keeper…

I’ve recycled a number of outdoor cooking books back through Good Will (even though I hate to part with them). “Greatest Barbeque Tips” has found a home and will stay in my collection.

Though I grill and smoke on a regular basis and have since I was a child, I find new ideas (or ideas I’ve forgotten) when I flip through the book. If some bit of information is lost in my head, I can quickly find the answer in this book. Some of the chart sections are especially useful. If I can’t recall ballpark cooking times on certain items, I can check quickly and have a general idea and at various temperatures.


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