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Grilled Pineapple Hamburgers

Pineapple Grilled Burgers
Burgers Marinating

If you’re thinking “YUCK” at the thought of pineapple on a grilled burger, then you haven’t tried one. Trust the Barbeque Master here. BBQ pineapple burgers are absolutely delicious.

The first time I tried pineapple burgers was way back in the 70s when the school went on a band trip to Disney World. I didn’t want to miss out on ANYTHING, so I said, “What the heck” and plunked down a couple of dollars for the odd item on the menu. I was blown away, and I got the same Hawaiian hamburger the next day at the park. Those Disney burgers were great, but they’re even better made at home.

Super Simple Version – Pineapple Burgers

If you’re not quite sold, then don’t go to any extra trouble (though I swear it’s worth it). Just grill your burgers like usual. Buy a can of pineapple rings. Toss the pineapple rings on the grill before the hamburgers are done and top your burgers with hot rings of pineapple and your usual toppings. Nothing extra there other than picking up a can of pineapple rings. Sure can’t hurt to give it a try.

Step It Up with Your Burgers with Pineapple

Once you’ve tried the super easy version (or if you want to jump in whole hog), then good for you.

First, I’d suggest that you hand pat your burgers with my recipe here at Yes You Can Grill. You’ll get a lot better meat flavor before you even start spicing things up.

In addition to the marinade I give for basic Super Burgers on the Grill, pour that pineapple juice in with the other items. Or, you can try a pineapple juice scratch recipe like this one:

Pineapple Juice Hamburger Marinade

•           Juice from 1 can of pineapple rings
•           ½ cup Italian dressing (oily type—zesty is best)
•           1 T honey
•           1 tsp cinnamon
•           dash of seasoning salt and pepper (not a lot)

Mix all ingredients and pour over raw burgers. Let the hamburgers sit an hour or more or even overnight in the refrigerator. Cover the burgers while marinating to hold in the moisture and tastes (and to keep the bugs out). Also, put the pineapple rings in a zip lock bag or Tupperware container, so the rings do not dry out.

Grill the burgers as you would normally grill.

Pop the pineapple rings on the grill right before the burgers come off. They only need to cook a few minutes. You want grill marks. When the pineapple rings have marks, they are hot and ready to top on the hamburgers.

Getting Extra Fancy with the Pineapple

If you’re a diehard, then check out my recipe for fresh pineapple on the grill. You can slice the pineapple rather than cutting it in wedges and go with fresh rather than canned. To be honest, I think the canned pineapple works better as burger toppings. I like my fresh pineapple for dessert. But, you can play around and see what you think.



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