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Lodge Camp Gloves
Great Gloves for All Outdoor Cooking

Kum Ba Ya
No Burns with Lodge Gloves

If you are tired of burning your hands or ruining your kitchen mitts or pot holders when grilling or smoking, then invest in some Lodge Camp Gloves. We’ve had our Lodge gloves for five seasons now, and they are still in great shape though darker than when they were brand new.
We first got the Lodge Dutch Oven Camp Gloves when we were working on dutch oven cooking with the Boy Scouts. We ruined some of the kitchen mitts/gloves to start with; they were pretty much toast after being used outdoors. The indoor items were also too thin to be working with blazing hot cast iron pots.

It didn’t take long before the red Lodge gloves became part of all the outdoor cooking. When the grill or smoker fired up, I broke out the gloves. I have sensitive hands, and I really hate to burn my fingers. Lodge Camp Gloves took care of the problem.

These gloves go up and cover your wrists as well as protecting your fingers and palms. Even if something slips a bit, you’re well covered in the lower arm department.

Lodge Gloves are made out of leather. The outer part is thick and rugged. The inside is softer. With the combination, you can still move your fingers well which is a plus.

In terms of size, I’ve not found anyone who could not use the gloves. I have long fingers (longer than many guys). No problem with length. I do have extra room around the fingers, but that means the guys in the family (who have shorter and thicker fingers) also are comfortable in the gloves. The Lodge gloves have been used by 5th grade Boy Scouts through large male leaders. Everyone has been fine with the size and fitting.

With use, the gloves do get black smudges and food particles and crud on them. After they cool down, most of that shakes right off. I have taken a damp cloth and lightly cleaned a few times especially with food spills. Overall, they are rather self cleaning though.

Lodge Camp gloves do run close $20, but it’s one of the best investments we’ve made in outdoor accessories. Cheaper kitchen gloves are usually ruined in a barbecue or two, and they don’t offer very good protection. The Lodge gloves hold up and work. I should have bought some ages ago and saved some burns and some kitchen mittens.


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