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Holland Companion Tailgate Grill
Little Grill That is Big on Taste and Fun to Cook On

Kum Ba Ya
Moist Burgers on a Holland Companion Grill

Scott Warner was kind enough to drive out to North Carolina to show me the Holland Grills. Actually, Holland grills are NC grills. Holland is the last name of the man who invented the convection system for grilling. So, if you like to buy American (a good thing), then Holland Grills are U.S.A. outdoor cookers.

Holland Companion Grill

The Companion was added to the line, according to Scott, when owners of the full-sized Hollands began asking about portable options. They wanted the same timed to perfection flavor but in a travel size (19” L x 16” W x 18” H) and around 20 pounds.

The Companion comes in both an electric model and gas model. You, of course, need access to electricity for the electric model. The gas model operates on the little one pound gas cylinders, but you can get an accessory hose for the 20 pound gas tanks which is a plus if you use your Companion Grill at home too.

Suitcase Style Portability

The Holland Companion tailgate grills have large cooking surfaces at 212 square inches. You can certainly cook 6 large sized burgers with breathing space or 4 to 6 steaks depending on the type of steak you buy.

Then, the legs tuck under the smokestacks push down so that the grill if a briefcase size and very convenient for packing. You can also get a nice carrying bag with handles for a super slick on-the-go look.

How Does the Companion Grill?

Holland Grills work a little different than other gas grills. They are designed to be used with the lid down. The heat is diffused around a drip pan which keeps the flavor and heat cranking but prevents flares. This set up not only is energy savings, it produces super moist grilled food. It also expands your options as far as what you can grill outdoors. These grills will easily bake cookies, biscuits, and pizzas in addition to traditional grill fare.

The crisscross grate is another plus and makes the grill more versatile. You can put button mushrooms right on the grate and don’t have to hunt up skewers or a grill wok. The pattern also looks nice on the food. You don’t have to do the half turn like on other grills to get the checkerboard pattern. That’s just how the grate is made.

You get three temperature settings from low to medium to high with the btu range going from 2600 to 4900.  

Good Buy

I really like the Holland Companion. It’s made sturdy in stainless steel with a 5 year warranty. It cooks great with the food turning out moist and with loads of flavor. The Holland is also a compact grill, and it looks cute too – kind of like a toolbox.  



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