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Joel Leonard Shares His Special Southern Joelburger Recipe
Meaty Grilled Hamburger with Pimento Cheese on Sourdough Bread

World Famous Joelburger


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Kum Ba Ya
Joel say, "Whew. Time for a Cheerwine."

Joel Leonard is the first person I know of to have a blog dedicated to a burger. That’s the Joelburger. It’s a true Southern hamburger topped with pimento cheese made at Fincastles in Greensboro, NC.

Greta Lint, a community event promoter, invited me judge a chili contest in Asheboro, NC which is where I met Joel.

He said, “Do you remember me?”

I’d only seen his blog and photo before, but I said, “Yeah. You’re Joel Burger.”

So, my boys now call my friends Greta and "Joel Burger."

This summer Joel came out for my Carolina Cook Out and made Joelburgers. This sounds simple enough, but I cranked charcoal which takes more skill. Then, my kid went into the roaring river and was missing. Eli and the kid he rescued washed up down river, and we didn’t even burn up all the food in the panic.

Joel was also kind enough to share his Joelburger recipe which is absolutely delicious

Joel Burger Grilled Hambruger Recipe with Pimento Cheese


6 good sized Angus meat burgers grilled (half pound size is a good idea on these)
Fincastles Pimento Cheese
Vidalia Onions- sauteed
Fresh Tomato sliced
Fresh Lettuce chopped
Dollop of FinSauce
12 slices of Sourdough bread

The above is assuming that you’re making up 6 Joelburgers. Make adjustments depending on how many you need or want to make.


Grill hamburgers on your grill – gas or charcoal or even electric.

Spread pimento cheese onto burger so it melts into the meat and cover until ready to build burgers.

Sautee Onions in Fin Sauce on side pan. This can be on a side burner, or you can use cast iron or an old pot to do this. Set aside or lower heat.

Butter the sourdough bread and place on grill. Flip when the butter is melted and you have grill makrs.

Slather a little extra pimento cheese on the toasted bread for good measure. That should, or course, be on the inside of the bread and not where you hold onto the bread.

*Note: If you flat can't get here to NC for Fincastles pimento, that's so sad. You can use other varieties. Homemade pimento cheese would be your second best bet.

Then, build the Joelburgers.

1. Slice of sourdough bread with a little pimento cheese.
2. Burger.
3. A little more Finecastles pimento cheese on top of the burger.
4. Stack onions, lettuce, and tomato.
5. Top with top piece of grilled sourdough bread.

As Joel says:  “Carpe Joelburger - seize the Joelburger. Eat and enjoy! Remember if it is not messy, it is not good!"


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