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4th of July Celebration to Honor the Military

Military Flags
Military Flags


Unique Spin on Tailgate Grilling
Unique Tailgate Grilling


Teen Boy Grills
Our Teen Griller


Eagle Scout picnic shelter
New Picnic Shelter


Enjoying hot dogs and burgers
Time To Eat

Every year we have a pre 4th of July celebration at the church. First we have a service to honor everyone who is in or has served in the military and then we have a cook out.

Missing My Dad

My Dad (retired Navy) was the designated griller for this annual affair. Unfortunately he died in a traffic accident on I77 two years ago.

This makes it a little hard come the Sunday 4th of July service. But, it is a beautiful service with flags and candles. I puddled up a little bit this year – but not too bad. I tried to keep my mind on the happy memories.

Our Military Members

It’s really amazing how many men of the church served our country. I suppose many were drafted. I’m glad they don’t draft now, since I have two sons. I would support either going into the service (if they wanted to), but I must confess that I hope they do not. It would be easier to go than to send children I think.

Family of the Military

One of my friend’s and her husband represented the families at the candle lighting. They have sent two boys over to fight in Iraq. One is still there. I taught those boys in Sunday School, and it does not seem like they could be old enough to fight. But, they are. They are in my heart, and I sure hope they get home safe.

New Picnic Shelter

This year was extra special, since we now have a picnic shelter at the church. My son built that for his Eagle Scout project. My Dad was working on the project with him when he died. My Little League Coach (from years ago) stepped up to help my kid finish up the project. A lot of the teenage boys in the neighborhood got out there and built the shelter. When I hear people say that teens are lazy today and that they don’t care, I know that’s not true.

Picnic Tables - Just In Time

The picnic tables at the shelter were finished just in time for our 4th of July party. My Mom got in touch with the shop teacher at the high school. The kids in class built the tables and delivered them. One of the kids made a wooden cross to set on the head table. I don’t know who did that, but it was a nice touch.

New Grillers

An old high school friend coordinated the grilling this year. He brought a gas grill in the back of his truck and grilled right in the truck. That gives new meaning to the word tailgating. His son, who will be a senior this coming year, manned the grill all afternoon.

Ladies of the Church

The women of the church took care of the side dishes and the desserts. One thing I know for sure is that we have some fabulous cooks at the church. My youngest son loves nothing better than a church pot luck. Forget McDonalds or a fancy uptown restaurant. Give him home cooked food at the church any day. Every day if he had his way.

One of my all time favorite church ladies came today. She really goes to our sister church, but she often comes over for special occasions. She is one of the smartest, funniest, and nicest people I’ve ever known. She is also “da bomb” when it comes to cooking. I always have to ask what she brought. Chocolate cake. Guess what I had for my dessert?

Looking Back - Looking Forward

Our 4th of July service and cook out was very special. I missed my Dad. I missed the kids who were off fighting the war. It was good to remember and honor them. It was also good to see all the men who had served the country enjoying grilled burgers and hot dogs, and it was good to see the new generation adding so much to the day and to our community. It’s good to look back and to look forward too.







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