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Buying Meat Online from Omaha Steaks
Good Company - Nice Meat and Tasty Sides

Kum Ba Ya
Omaha Steaks - Yum

The whole idea of buying meat online struck me as strange. I could imagine dogs making off with packages on my porch or coming home from work to find a melting smelly mess in a box. No. I did not picture myself shopping online for meat.

A Good Deal

I am a bargain shopper and love deals, so when Omaha Steaks offered a super duper special and capped that off with a money back guarantee, I made the plunge. I was still nervous about the whole idea, but the web site looked nice, and a deal is a deal. Not only would I get a deep discount, I’d get a knife set, cutting board, and cookbook.

Omaha Steaks Delivered Fast

My Omaha Steaks box came super fast. Actually, it wasn’t a box. It was a Styrofoam cooler packed with some sort of dry ice. It was sitting on my porch and looked quite fine. When I opened the cooler, everything was neatly packed and labeled in individual boxes and then vacuum sealed. Even though it was a warm day, the meat was rock solid.

Tasty Meat

We thawed a set of steaks for a cook out, and the meat was very tasty. They say they have the max when it comes to meat, and I would certainly rate it top notch. First off, they don’t include bones or fat. Since good cuts of meat are marbled with light fat, this is not a problem with grilling. The flavor on the meat is excellent. At the local grocery, it’s a bit hit or miss (though mostly good). With Omaha Steaks, all the meat has been very high quality and with a smooth flavor. It’s everything they say it is.

In addition to the steaks, we’ve also tried the burgers and the pork chops. I will always say that hand patted burgers are the best. See my recipe for perfect burgers, and you can decide for yourself. But, for pressed burgers, I’d rate Omaha the best I’ve grilled. As for the pork chops, they were just right for grilling. They measure, I’d guess, a little less than an inch thick. Thin chops dry out. Thick ones are hard to cook through. These are just right for the grill. The meat is very white and juicy.

Sizes a Little Small

When it comes to the online meat which we use on the grill, the only complaint has been the portion size. Do expect the “deck of card” sizes in general. This is quite reasonable especially when you factor in the fact that these are well trimmed pieces of meat—no waste at all. I do, however, feed guys, and they generally want two servings which means buying more meat than might be expected. I’m quite happy with the sizes, but my fellows do need more than single portions. They pout a bit when I cook only one serving per person.

Still Buying from Omaha Steaks

I doubt I would have purchased sides online, but some of the deals include those. The sides have been quite tasty too, though I cook those inside in the oven. The potatoes au gratin are favorites. They weren’t what I expected. They look like large golf balls. They bake up kind of like potato pancakes (but rounder). My youngest son absolutely adores those, and they are really delicious. He calls them potato balls.

I don’t buy all my meat online, but I’m certainly open to the concept now. All the food items placed on my porch have been delicious. The knife set is decent, and I like the small sized cutting board.

Though I thought buying meat online might be one of those one time deals, I’m a repeat customer. I’m a savvy shopper, so I wouldn’t give it a go more than once if it wasn’t a good deal and good eating. Now, my neighbor buys from Omaha Steaks too. He also says those potato balls are the max.


We also tried out La Cense beef online and were very happy with them too. They offer grass fed, free range meat. So, that's another option for folks who might want to try buying meat online.


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