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Cyndi Allison - Grill Girl


Kum Ba Ya
Barbecue Smoked Ribs

The boys’ dad grew up on a pig farm in Kansas, so we have always included pork on our menus including the grill menus. We’re a long way from the farm now, but that stuff just sticks.

Generally it’s the smokers who do pork. Ribs and pork roasts are fabulous slow smoked. We love those. It is possible to smoke in a kettle grill with a lid, but it does take some finesse. If you want to do larger pork parts, then think about buying a smoker.

On the grill, pork chops, kabobs with pork chunks, and small pork loins are the best bet. It’s not so much the meat as the size and cut. When you start getting thick pieces of pork, it’s just hard to cook those through on the grill. If you cook fast on direct heat, then the outside burns and the inside does not get done.

Don’t write off pork though. If you get the smaller cuts, you can grill pork. If you buy a smoker or get really good with a grill with a lid, then you can rock out on grilled pork.

Favorite Pork Grill Recipes:

Grilled Pork Chops
Pork Pineapple Kabobs


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