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Marinades & Sauces

Grilled Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce
Sauce Up Your Grilled Foods

If you're just opening up a pack of meat and tossing it on the grill, you're missing out on half the fun of cooking outdoors. You're also shorting yourself on flavors - lots of fabulous flavors.


Marinades are put on the meat before it goes on the grill. In addition to adding flavor, many marinades also help to tenderize. Many less expensive cuts of meat are kind of tough and rubbery when grilled. Letting the meat marinate can help soften the meat up and make it much tastier.

You can buy meat marinade sauces at the grocery store, but it's easy to make your own. You can also use bottled Italian salad dressing as a marinade. Use the oil based type and not the creamy. Fat free works just as well as the regular, so if you're watching fats, go for the fat free. You'll never know the difference.


There must be a million kinds of bottled barbecue sauces. In addition to many sold at grocery stores, there are small companies and even individuals selling sauces. My favorite all time barbecue sauce was sold at a flea market. I tried to find the guy last summer, but he wasn't there. It was the flea market in Murphy, North Carolina. If anyone knows the sauce guy, I'd love to get back in touch and buy more of his sauce. His sauce had a sweet taste and then kicked in with hot. Boy that was good!

We like the Kraft BBQ sauces. Nothing offending there. But there are so many sauces out there - some good and some not so good. We look for new sauces on vacations. It's a fun little hobby and not expensive. I make sure to save the labels now in case we get one that we really love. That's what happened with the Murphy sauce. I dripped down the side so could not read the contact information. So sad )-:


Rubs are getting more popular as more folks are buying home smokers. You rub up the meat and smoke it. Loads of flavor. Smells great cooking too.

I don't see as many rubs sold, but the options are increasing. One rub we really like around here is Emeril rib rub. I never thought I'd say that. I don't care that much for the TV show, but our little home town grocery store only had Emeril rib rub when I went to buy some. It was really tasty. I keep that on the shelf as well as buying others when I see them and making up homemade batches when I have spare time on my hands.

Try out our favorite marinade, sauce, and rub recipes:


Alabama White Barbecue Sauce (great on chicken)
Carolina Vinegar Barbecue Sauce (great on pork)



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