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She-Smoke by Julie Reinhardt - Barbecue Book Review
Outdoor Cooking Made Easy with this Top 10 Favorite Barbecue Book

She-Smoke: A Backyard Barbecue Book by Julie Reinhardt is an exceptional grilling and barbecue book. Julie even knows the difference between the two – grilling and barbecue.

There are a lot of good grill or BBQ books on the market, but I don’t see many that I really get excited about. This is one of those that stands out.

Great Barbecue Book for Girls (but works for guys too)

She-Smoke is targeted at a female audience, but it would be perfect for guys who did not grow up grilling. Really, outdoor cooking is not a genetic trait passed along. And, it’s not gender based.

Julie’s book is much more than a recipe book. She covers all the basics on up to more advanced techniques. There are recipes, of course, and they are easy to understand and follow.

In some cases, I question whether a writer really plays with a grill or smoker much before putting out a book. With Julie’s She-Smoke, I had no doubts that she has done her time.

She talks about things like offsetting the charcoal on a kettle which I see few people do. That gives you space to sear but also a cooler (but still hot side) to let items cook to the correct doneness.

Covers a Lot of Ground Without Being Confusing

She-Smoke is packed full of good basic directions for charcoal or gas and for grilling or smoking. Whether you want to grill hamburgers, smoke a pig, mix up a rub, or have Thanksgiving off the grill, you are set with this book.

Another thing I like is that Julie has a sense of humor. She includes some history and stories and those make the book even more fun.

Julie owns Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ in Seattle which makes me wish I lived on that side of the country. If I ever get out there, I am definitely going to visit her restaurant. She comes from a Southern family though, and she carries those traditions to the upper corner of the U.S.

Thumbs Up for She-Smoke

If you’re trying to decide whether you want to buy She-Smoke or get it for a gift for someone, I give the thumbs up. It’s one of the most comprehensive outdoor cooking books I’ve seen, and it’s well organized and easy to understand and follow. She-Smoke is on my short list (top 10) of excellent books for home grillers and smokers. 


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