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Son of Hibachi Grill Review
Very Clever Design for an Ultra Small Tailgate Grill

son of hibachi tailgate grill
Super Compact Son of Hibachi Grill


putting charcoal in son of hibachi grill
Add Charcoal to Each Side and Center


son of hibachi has a chimney starter design
Close and Light for Chimney Starter Effect


son of hibachi slide at top becomes tool to adjust
Top Slide is is Used to Adjust Grates


grilled hamburgers and potatoes on son of hibachi tailgate grill
Burgers and Potatoes on the S.O.H. Grill

Son of Hibachi is one of the neatest designs I’ve seen for a tailgate grill. It is an open style outdoor cooker like the old Hibachi grills all the kids used to buy back when I was in college. But, the beauty of this tailgate grill is in the details.

Are You Sure This Isn’t a Toy Grill?

The Son of Hitachi is so small that you may think this is a joke. But, really, open it up and take a look. The way it’s made, you have two sides to cook on, and there’s a griddle pan that can sit above. So, if you want to fry eggs, you could do that above the meat cooking on the lower grill grates.

You can also buy a rotisserie accessory. The rotisserie and I did not get along well at all. While I was able to level it and get it turning, I never knew I needed to tie up the bird. It was flapping all over the place. After cutting off the legs and wings to prevent injury to diners, it took a long time to cook chicken over a small hibachi style grill. I just don’t have much interest in spin cooking my fowl, and I don’t think tailgater has the heat to do this well.  

I Love Chimney Starters

Normally I carry a chimney starter for my coals, because I do not like to douse everything down with lighter fluid. That can impact the smell and flavor. Also, I burned my eyelashes with that lighter fluid stuff when I was a kid, so I’m just not a huge fan.

With the Son of Hibachi, I don’t have to worry about getting the coals started. Now, they do say to use lighter fluid on 4 or 5 briquettes there in the center at the bottom. Then, both sides are filled with charcoal. This is not a lot of charcoal due to the size.

When the grill is loaded, simply close it and light it. Instant fire. The air flow gets the charcoal going good, so you’re ready to cook in 10 minutes or even less.

Ready to Grill

Once the coals are red hot, you open up the grill. The top slide piece becomes your tool for making adjustments. You can move the grates close or higher from the coals. This is a small grill, so you only move it up or down a tad, but that can make a real difference.

How Does Son of Hibachi Grill?

Other than my problem with the rotisserie (which is not my specialty to say the least), this tailgater grills great. We had juicy hamburgers and steak and made hobo packs. The one you in the photos above have potatoes.

It’s just a little tricky to lift off the grates to add charcoal due to the very small size of the grill in general and the tiny slots, but you catch on to that quick.

Care of the Son of Hibachi

As with the older hibachis, do know that your grates here are cast iron. That’s great for heat retention and long term durability.

You do, however, need to season cast iron, or it will rust. The grates are small, so this is easy to do in the oven. Once you get a good season, then the grates are virtually stick proof and will last for eons.

If you don’t know how to season cast iron, see my cast iron skillet guide. Just follow the same directions, except I put the small grates in a big roaster pan to season them.  

What Do I Think of Son of Hibachi Portable Grill?

This is one of the most compact tailgate grills on the market but still has decent grilling space. It’s easy start chimney design is fabulous. It grills really well. And, there’s a Snuff Out pouch, so you can close down the vents and then pack up the hot grill when you’re ready to go. Just allow 15 minutes or so for the coals to cool. That’s a fast pack up on a charcoal tailgate grill. All in all, I’m quite impressed with Son of Hibachi.

And a Quick Note for Football Fans

Son of Hibachi will be coming out with college logo grills. The name on those will be “The Grill” and then have the team logo. Keep a look out. These are good college tailgaters, and it’s fun to show your team spirit on your grill for all to see.  


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