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Good Time on Our Porch

The summer of 2008 is the summer of “staycations.” That’s a rather new term meaning that you take your vacation at home or near home due to the high gas, food and other prices this year.

This could be a rather sad turn of events, but most families are making the best of it, and grilling is one way to make a staycation special as noted by Weber with a national poll conducted this month.

Weber GillWatch Pulse made telephone calls (through a third party polling company) to talk to folks about their summer plans. They found that 40% of families were cutting back on distance vacations and are planning to grill at home as part of the summer fun. About half those plan to use extra money to invest in more grill items.

As far as summer plans, a high number of callers noted that they planned to host more home barbecue parties for the summer. That came in at 24% of the staycationers. Parties are always fun, and they really don’t have to be expensive. Anything cooked on the grill is tasty. Look for sales on hot dogs and buns, and you have a great time and not very costly.

Another cool trend noted is that families plan to try new foods on the grill this year. Half of those looking at doing more grilling said they’d try new recipes. Other studies indicate that grillers want to learn to cook more vegetables on the grill, so that’s nice. Eating healthy is good, although it can be more expensive.

Our family will have one big vacation this year. We are going to the beach next month. My son graduated from high school, and this is his last summer at home. I asked him what he’d like to do. He wanted to go back to Cedar Island where we visited several years ago.

We found a neat place to stay at Vacation Rental By Owner at Cedar Island. The house is not on the ocean beach but kind of a sound. It’s saltwater, but it’s not as choppy. There are clams out in the sound. We had loads of fun clamming and grilling the fresh clams, crabbing, and cooking out the other time we went.

Other than that, we will be staycationers too this year. And, we’ll do a lot of grilling. The economy is bad, but that doesn’t mean we have to have a crummy summer. Life is what you make of it. Hanging out at home does not have to be dull. Pick up a grill. Call up some family or friends. We can all weather this very hot summer with gas prices blowing the roof off. The grass may look greener way down the road, but you may find that staycations are more relaxing and fun in the end.   



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