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Coleman Thermoelectric Heater Cooler

thermoelectric cooler heater
Thermoelectric Heater Cooler

One of my favorite road trip items is my Coleman thermoelectric cooler/heater. It’s the size of a typical small cooler but has a lid with a motor for cooling and heating. The thermoelectric cooler/heater plugs in the cigarette lighter holes in the car or truck. The cord has a connection with blue and red dots. Match the blue dots for cooling and the red for heat.

I’ve used and used the thermoelectric cooler – heater. When we take pot luck foods to dinners, we can keep the hot dishes warm in this gear box. Or, we can take drinks on road trips and have them cooling as we drive.

When I bought my thermoelectric cooler and heater, I did not know there was an option plain top. You’re not supposed to put ice in a thermoelectric cooler with the motor running. It’s just not designed for that. The option top which is just a plain cooler top lets this do double duty.

I’d also heard that there was a power cord option so that this thermoelectric cooler/heater could be plugged up inside the house or in a motel room. That would be very handy too. Once we turn off the vehicle, we don’t have power.

Calling Coleman

With all this in mind, I checked the Coleman web site. But, I could not find my thermoelectric heater/cooler or one similar. Hum. Coleman has an 800 number, so I thought I’d just call and talk to them.

It turns out that my thermoelectric cooler/heater is 13 years old. Whew. Times flies when you’re having fun. One thing I know for sure, this has given good service. I hope it lasts forever, because . . .

Coleman does not make thermoelectric cooler/heater these days. They do, however, make thermoelectric coolers. I wish they still had the heating option. Maybe they will market those again, because the switch over option is terrific.

What They Have at Coleman Now

There are two sizes now in the thermoelectric coolers by Coleman. One is a bit more than double the size of mine. The other is even bigger. The really big one will hold temperatures down to 0 degrees.

If you decide to get a thermoelectric cooler, go with the more expensive option with the power adapter, so you can take the cooler inside too. The power adapter is about $50 to buy separately.

I considered the power adapter, but that’s probably more expensive than the cooler/heater cost to start with. With it being 13 years old, I decided not to do that. I did get the option lid. If you buy one with that option, I’d recommend getting the plain lid too. Then you can use the cooler as an ice cooler if you need or want to. The lid wasn’t available online, but the nice rep on the phone said he could do that order, because he could see it in stock – just not online with it being older.

Other Options for Thermoelectric

I looked around to see if I could find any companies making the cooler/heater combinations in thermoelectric. I found a couple, but they were sold out (or have stopped making these). I did find cups and mugs with this cool/heat option – just not coolers.

There are a number of companies that make and sell thermoelectric coolers. I’d be likely to go with Coleman again after the great service with our old thermoelectric heater/cooler. I hope I won’t need one for a very long time though, since I love being able to both heat and cool with the same product.

Some of the old thermoelectric heater/coolers may be floating around at Ebay or Amazon Marketplace. It would be worth a shot looking. If mine breaks down, I guess that’s what I’ll do. Or, maybe they will be making them again by that time. Hope so.



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