Grilling vegetables shouldn’t be tough, right? They are very quick to cook and are delicious with just a hint of smoke. But, many people make mistakes when they fail to evaluate the cooking time, and vegetables lose crispiness, which should be the priority here. Fortunately, unlike with the meat, you can tell the veggies are done by just looking at them.

So, we are going to give you some tips how to make the juiciest, but at the same time the crispiest vegetables on the grill.

Use the oil

Veggies tend to dry out when they hit the grill, that’s why you need a bit of oil. Before you put them on frill, make sure to toss them with a light coating of oil. You can choose an oil based on your preference, but we would recommend the olive oil for this occasion.


But, make sure to limit the amount of oil because you don’t want to add unnecessary calories. Also, too much oil can spoil the flavor of vegetables. At this stage, you should also add seasonings and oil will help them stick to the veggies.

Know how to prevent the burning

Some veggies need just a couple of minutes to cook, while others take longer. In this case, you need to know your vegetables and how much time they need to grill. For example, dense veggies, like potato need a bit more time to cook.

But, if you keep them too long at a high temperature, you will burn them outside and keep them raw on the inside. If you want to prevent the burning, you should place them on high heat, and then move them to colder parts of the grill to finish cooking.

Size matters

How you prepare the vegetables, will determine how they will be cooked. If you want them to cook more quickly, then you should cut them into small pieces and use a skewer to keep them on a grill. For example, onions and eggplants should be sliced roundly. In this case, you will get more surface area, and they will be crispier outside.