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Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review
Easy Grab and Go Tailgate Grill in Gas or Charcoal Models

weber go anywhere grill
Weber Gas Go-Anywhere Grill

You might skip over the Weber Go-Anywhere Grills, unless you’ve seen one in action or used one before. These tailgate grills aren’t big on bling. They’re more like your favorite blue jeans – comfortable, serviceable, and reliable.

The Go-Anywhere grills remind me of my Dad’s fishing tackle boxes. They are about that size with 160 square inches of cooking space. I put on 6 good sized burgers at a time.

When you’re ready to grill, you click the legs down to get a little height on the grill and then either add charcoal or screw on a one pound gas bottle.

With the charcoal model, you have enough space to get plenty of heat but room for error. In other words, the food isn’t sitting practically right on top of the coals. Some grills have the grate down too close. The height works well on this one.

The Gas Go-Anywhere has a shield which they call a Flavorizer bar. That’s between the flame and the grate and prevents flare ups. If you do get a little fire on the sides, put the lid on and the flame goes back down.

Meat really comes off these Go-Anywhere grills moist. Now, you can, of course, overcook food and have it like shoe leather, but if you’re paying attention, you’ll get some fabulous burgers, steaks and so on off these little compact grills.

I really like the Go-Anywhere Grills by Weber, because they are really compact, the construction is very solid, and they grill really well. Can’t really ask for more than that in a well priced grill that will last for years.  



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