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Weber GrillWatch Survey 2011 - What's HOT in Grilling?
Check Out the Latest Trends in Grilling and Smoking

Weber Kettle grill Cyndi Allison
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Grilling Trends 2011 by Weber’s Grill Watch Survey

I love to get the GrillWatch Survey results from Weber-Stephen Products. Actually, Weber contracts Toluna to conduct the yearly survey of 1000 grill owners ages 21 and up. Respondents are geography balanced and are 50:50 male to female. 

What’s Hot with the Grilling Crowd for 2011?

Close one quarter of folks who grill say they are doing more grilling this year. The heavy duty grillers (7%) spend more than 10 hours per week on the grill while the typical grillers and smokers checked in around 5 hours per week.

No. I was not on the survey call list, or those numbers would have skewed higher. I really should count the time I spend on the grills or smokers. Then again, it may be best not to know.

Another interesting note is the 49% now grill year round with 37% admitting to grilling at temperatures below freezing. It seems more people are joining me in the grilling Polar Bear Club. If you haven’t shoveled snow to get to your grill, then give it a go next year.

What Kind of Grills are We Rocking This Year?

First, we are certainly hooked on grilling or at least in owning a grill. Seventy-one percent of poll respondents over age 21 do own a grill with the break down by type as follows:

Gas Grill (7% of these are natural gas) – 67%
Charcoal Grill – 46%
Smoker (various types) – 10%
Electric Grill – 4%

If you’re a math geek and notice that the numbers do not tally up to 100%, that’s because 33% own multiple grills (down 5% from last year). I think my grill total is 18 now, so there are some nutty folks who have loads of grills (though I’m sure I’m in the minority with my current grill head count).

Bells and Whistles on Grills (not as hot this year)

Whether grill owners have found that side burners are not that useful or just don’t like to pay for the option, there’s been almost a 10% drop in grill owners with side burners. Perhaps they prefer the extra work space instead.

Likewise, the rotisserie has dropped as a “must have” on grills. Only 32% opted for a rotisserie grill last year, and that’s now dropped to 27%. I gave my rotisserie a whirl once, and I found it way overrated. Then again, I didn’t know I needed to truss my bird. It flapped all over the place and rather turned me off on twirl cooking anything.

Having a sear zone (or a hot spot area on the grill) went up from 17% last year to 19% this year. If you adjust various sections of a gas grill or offset charcoal, you can get the same effect. I don’t have anything against these super hot spots on a grill, but I’d not pay extra for that option. Apparently most other grillers feel the same.

What are We Grilling for 2011?

I doubt anyone will be terribly shocked at the top grilled foods (except perhaps our vegetarian friends). The top five are as follows:

1. Hamburgers – 69% (beef burgers sweep it at 93%)
2. Steak – 46%
3. Chicken – 42%
4. Hot Dogs – 39%
5. Ribs – 17%

What are We Mucking Up on Our Grills?

When asked what is most challenging to grill, the top five which I can only assume have likely experienced epic failures on these at some point or perhaps just a fear of attempting something unfamiliar are:

1. Desserts – 34% 
2. Fish 27%
2. Pizza – 27%
(note the fish and pizza tied – so that’s why you see 2 twice and then the total does not come out to five by number)
3. Shellfish – 25% (It really is super simple to grill wok shrimp. Trust me. You can do this.)
4. Fruits – 22% (Let me suggest pineapple on the grill.)

Where are We Grilling?

With the price of gas, it’s likely not a surprise that home grilling comes in first at 65% (up from 53% last year). If we take it on the road from 2 through 5, then here’s the break down:

1. Home – 65%
2. Campgrounds – 37%
3. Parks – 28%
4. Beaches – 18%
5. Tailgate Parties – 17%

Other Cool Grilling Data So You Can Amaze Your Friends with Your Knowledge

  • Men still outrank women when it comes to grilling, but they only sweep 61% of the duties. Getting closer. Plus, many households now note that grilling is a shared activity gender wise.
  • Around a quarter of home grillers are splurging on grilling accessories. And why not? They are relatively inexpensive, and you can do so much more with your grill if you invest in a few grill tools.
  • Four percent of grill owners say someone has gone raining on their good time. Most of the party poopers are urban governments or residential rule makers with half banning gas grills while about half ban charcoal.
  • If you’re in a gas or charcoal free area, then check out the new electric grills. They really have improved, and I use mine a couple of times per week.

Let the Good Grill Times Roll

Any day is a great day for grilling. Well, I guess a rainy day if you don’t have a porch or carport. So, let’ all hope that the following most popular days for grilling are hot, sunny, and perfect for firing up the grill.

4th of July – 81%
Birthdays – 67% (feel free to celebrate mine too - October 24)
Labor Day – 66%
Memorial Day – 61% (a drop from last year – hum – maybe it rained)
Father’s Day – 48%


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