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Wild n Mild Barbecue Marinade or Sauce - You Decide How to Use It
Jerrod Cook Bottles a New BBQ Sauce with a Unique Flavor

Kum Ba Ya
Wild n Mild Barbecue Sauce

Jerrod Cook has just rolled out a new barbecue marinade or sauce called Wild n Mild (May 2009).

Jerrod is a young guy from Mississippi who found an old sauce he loved and then tweaked around to come up with something different from the bulk of the grill marinades/sauces on the market.

Marinade or Sauce?

If you’re wondering why I’m waffling on calling this a barbecue marinade or a barbecue marinade, then that’s because it can be used as either. If you’re from North Carolina and used to the thin, vinegar-based barbecue sauce, then you’d call it either one. Folks from other parts of the country would look at Wild n Mild and call it a marinade. In North Carolina, we call sauces like this “mop,” so Wild n Mild could be called a barbecue mop. But, that would probably really confuse things.

Wild n Mild looks kind of like Worcestershire sauce in the bottle but with some obvious spices especially in the wild version of the brand. When poured, though, it’s not dark like Worcestershire sauce. It’s light colored, and the seasonings give it the darker look in the bottle.   

You can marinate foods with Wild n Mild to give flavor and to tenderize, or you can mop it on while cooking to add more flavor and moisture.

What Does Wild n Mild Taste Like?

Jerrod said that Wild n Mild was different, and it is. Sometimes I’ll give a comparison to other barbecue sauces, but I can’t really think of one for Wild n Mild.

The flavor is a bit Asian. It’s somewhat sweet but with other flavors more consistent with American cooking. This is especially true of the wild flavor which is not overly hot but does have some pepper zip.

Wild n Mild is versatile. We’ve had it on pork and chicken so far. I think it would be really good on beef kabobs, and Jerrod has a recipe on his site for venison which sounds yummy. I think I’ll try Wild n Mild in a stir fry as well, since it does have that hint of Asian flavor.


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