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Wink's Barbecue and Seafood Restaurant
Salisbury, NC

winks barbecue sign salisbury nc
Wink's Sign - Easy to See on Faith Road


dining room winks bbq and seafood
Main Dining Room at Wink's BBQ


real wood pit smoked barbecue
Wood Pile and Pitt Out Back at Wink's


chopped nc barbecue
Barbecue Tray with French Fries


front of winks barbeuce on faith rd salisbury nc
Wink's Barbecue and Seafood Restaurant

I remember eating at Wink’s Barbecue and Seafood on Innes Street back when they had live music on Sunday evenings. The place was really small, so you just shared tables family-style on music night. Wink’s is now at 509 Faith Road and in a much larger space.

To go, get off I85 where they have the Salisbury and Albemarle exits combined and drive up past Lowe’s Home Improvement. Or, just pull off the interstate and ask. You’re real close – maybe a mile from I85.

Wink’s is one of the wood burners in Salisbury, NC. In other words, they use wood and slow pit cook the pork. And, that does make a difference.

You can order the barbecue chopped or sliced. I always prefer chopped myself and eat it on a bun but without the slaw. Slaw is classic with North Carolina BBQ, but I’ve never much liked slaw – even red barbecue slaw.

If you get chopped barbecue, it’s a medium on the chop. You can see the smoke pink from the slow roasting and they chop the outside dark in for a nice smoke flavor. The meat is moist, but it does not appear to be sauced in the kitchen.

On the table are two sauces – one more eastern and one more Lexington in style. The eastern is vinegar with spices and very light in color. The other has a bit of tomato so is a reddish-orange color and a little zippier.

Wink’s is also known for seafood too, and it’s very good as well. If you like fried flounder or catfish, you are right in business.

One sleeper on the menu is the chicken sandwich. The boys’ dad gets that. Someone told him that it was the best chicken sandwich in town. He gave me a taste, and I must say that it’s a really moist and flavorful chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich comes either grilled or fried which is nice.

As far as sides, they have a lot of them. In season, you can even get fresh cantaloupe for a side which is nice. We have great melons in this area. The boys always go for French fries, and they are the large steak fries. They don’t have a problem making them cheese fries which my youngest loves. The onion rings are also very good. The batter is nice and light, and they aren’t real greasy like so many onion rings. And, I especially like the fried okra. 

You’ll see a grease board with homemade desserts listed. They look yummy, but we’re always too full of barbecue for dessert. They are Southern classics like cobblers and banana pudding though.

The girls working at Wink’s are real friendly. They, of course, have those sweet Southern dialects. And, my boys thought the one waited our table this week was cute too.



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