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Zip Lock Baggie Ice Cream

baby eating ice cream morguefile
Yum! Ice Cream

My boys always enjoyed making zip lock baggie ice cream. It’s a simple and fun way to get everyone involved and having fun. Then, there’s a great sweet treat at the end.

Zip Lock Ice Cream is a good recipe for letting kids learn to measure (math) and also to learn about science.

Zip Lock Baggie Ice Cream Recipe

1 TBS sugar
1/2 cup milk (or half and half)
1/4 tsp vanilla flavoring
2 TBS rock salt (not table salt)
ice (crushed ice - cubes will also work)
1 sandwich size zip lock baggie
1 gallon size zip lock baggie

*This is for a single serving in a zip lock bag. Buy ingredients based on the number of people making up a bag of ice cream.


Put the sugar, milk and vanilla in the sandwich sized zip lock baggie. Squeeze gently until mixed evenly. Kids may get overzealous, so remind them not to smash too hard.

Place the sealed sandwich zip lock baggie filled with mixed ingredients inside the gallon zip lock bag.

Add rock salt and enough ice to fill the gallon zip lock baggie about 3/4 full. This just fits in around the smaller zip lock bag with the ice cream mixture.

Shake and jiggle the gallon zip lock bag until the ice cream firms up. This generally takes about 20 minutes. It depends on how much shaking each ice cream maker does and how vigorously.

Remove the sandwich ice cream baggie from the gallon zip lock. Wipe or rinse it off the sandwich baggie, since it has rock salt on it. Rock salt does not taste good with ice cream.

You don't need a bowl to enjoy this teat. Just grab a spoon and eat the ice cream right out of the individual baggie.


You can make variations of the basic vanilla zip lock recipe:

Squirt in a little chocolate syrup to make chocolate.

Add fruit pieces for fruit ice cream.

Break up candy bars for a blizzard style treat.

It’s also fun to have some toppings to drop in the zip lock bags after the ice cream is ready. Sprinkles. M&Ms. Anything you or the kids like in ice cream.


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