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Cyndi Allison - Grill Girl

WELCOME and ... Yes! You Can Grill.

Whether you're grilling challenged or fancy yourself the greatest griller of all time, Yes! You Can Grill is your one-stop destination for outdoor cooking. You'll find simple outdoor recipes with good directions as well as product and cookbook reviews, and I keep you up-to-date on what's hot and what's not in the world of barbecue.

If you're just getting started, be sure to invest in some decent equipment. While it's possible to barbecue on a cheap grill, it's not easy, and it's not pretty. In college, I had a tiny hibachi that was really difficult to get going and impossible to regulate. I had enough experience by that time that I could grill on most anything, but life is much simpler with a good grill. In fact, I own three currently - a large charcoal kettle, a smoker, and a travel grill. Life is good. I am blessed.

Grill Girl is Born

I was sent to the garage to drag the heavy grill out and get the coals going. This was an honor. I was joining the ranks - destined for grilling greatness. My chest was puffed out with pride. Well, I didn't really have a chest at that point, but you get the picture.

After carefully stacking the little bricks of charcoal and liberally dousing them with lighter fluid I got a half bass fire going. This was not going so well.

I did the logical twelve-year-old thing and began squirting lighter fluid directly at my little fire. This is, of course, not recommended. It did result in some very impressive instant but temporary flames...


The Grilling Challenged

I've been to some pretty interesting barbecues in my time. It seems that most people buy a new grill and decide to test drive it on their friends and family. This isn't the grandest plan, but it does make for some great stories and classic memories.

My students often decide that it would be fun to end the year with a cook out. I'm never one to discourage initiative. I have, however, enjoyed a number of charred raw hamburgers and hot dogs burned beyond recognition...


Beyond Hot Dogs

Although Yes! You Can Grill includes the basics - those details that old timers may think everyone is born knowing, I do go beyond wieners and basic burgers. If you've thought about grilling seafood but got cold feet or if you've never mastered potatoes on the grill, you'll find recipes to expand your horizons.

My main focus is on grilling, but I cover all types of outdoor cooking. The boys and I cook over campfires, use Dutch Ovens, smoke up ribs, and deep fry turkeys. This has been good for bonding and for making cooking cool in a household with only one female...


Kum Ba Ya

Bookmark Yes! You Can Grill and don't be a stranger. Being strange is fine. Being absent ruins the party. The more the merrier, and I can always throw another steak on the grill. You'll find a lot here, and I'm constantly adding. I take requests too, so if you have a hankering to make something I've not covered, give me a holler or an e-mail.



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