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Homemade Bubble Stuff

flyswatter bubble stuff
Flyswatter Bubbles

Can you think of anything more whimsical and fun than bubbles?

One sure way to make the kids smile (and the adults too) at family barbecues is to mix up some bubble stuff and supply some bubble blowers – from the store or homemade.

Be creative on the bubble blowers. Most anything that will make a shape can be used to make bubbles. An example would be cookie cutters. Maybe you only use them at Christmas. Break the cookie cutters out in the summer as bubble makers. Another favorite is flyswatters. The old flappy flyswatters are the max. Dip them in bubble mix, and you can make zillions of bubbles. The only trick is to move the flyswatter fast. If you do it slow, the bubble stuff drips off and no bubbles.

You can buy bubble solution at the store. Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores always have them. But, you can mix up your own and play around with that to get bigger, better, and stronger bubbles.

Here are some of our favorite bubble stuff recipes:

Family Bubble Stuff Recipe

1 cup water
2 TBS light Karo syrup (or 2 TBS Glycerin - available at most pharmacies)
4 TBS dish washing liquid

Another Family Bubble Solution Recipe

1/2 cup liquid dish washing detergent
1 1/2 cups water
2 teaspoons sugar

Party Bubble Stuff Recipe (larger batch)

1 cup dish washing liquid
10 cups water
¼ cup glycerin

As far as the type of dish washing liquid to use, I find that Dawn and Joy work the best. Any dish washing liquids can be used. If your bubbles burst too quick, just try another brand.

I’ve included variations on the bubble stuff recipes with Karo syrup, sugar and with glycerin. Glycerin is sold at drugstores and makes stronger bubbles. It’s low in toxicity, but I usually go with Karo syrup and/or sugar when making bubbles for little kids – just to be on the safe side.

Glycerin is used to make soaps and some cosmetics. It’s a bit expensive. If you do spring for glycerin, don’t get the mixtures like with rose hips and so on. You just want plain glycerin if you’re making bubble stuff.

Happy bubble blowing. We always enjoy them at our home barbecue parties.


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