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Cyndi Allison - Grill Girl

Side Dishes

Kum Ba Ya
Barbecue Baked Beans

Juggling main courses on the grill and side dishes can get a little complicated. I know I've run myself ragged going from the kitchen to the yard and back again and hoping I don't ruin part of the meal.

It's great if you can round up some help when you're cooking outside (and inside), but help can be hard to find. It seems like I often have magic disappearing boys just when I need a hand.

Sometimes we have homemade French fries with our grilled meals. That's hard to pull off. If we're doing that, somebody has to man the fryer inside or the grill outside. I really can't be two places at once with foods that have to be watched close.

If I'm doing the meal mostly on my own, I like to do the sides out on the grill where I can watch them or make ahead dishes that can be prepared and ready to set out when the barbecue items are done. Much less stress.

I also accept help. I'm not the type to run people out of the kitchen. That's where everyone seems to like to hang out. If my brother wants to make the salad, that's wonderful. The boys can shuck the corn. When Mom offers to bring a fruit salad, I thank her and I'm thankful. People feel good when they help out, and the grill chef does not end up too tired to eat and cranky.

Try out some of our favorite side dishes:

Best Ever Potato Salad
Grandma's Chilled Broccoli Salad
Easy Pasta Salad
Greek Summer Salad
Old Fashioned Shredded Carrot Salad
Pica de Gallo (Mexican salsa)
Chilled Black Eyed Pea Salad (Texas Caviar)

North Carolina Red Barbecue Slaw

Baked Beans with Hamburger
Baked Mixed Beans with Bacon


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