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Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer - Easier and Safer
Fry a Turkey Indoors - Or Take it Outside and Use an Electric Outlet

Masterbuilt indoor turkey fryer butterballn

Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey Fryer

turkey indoor fryer safer
Dropping the Turkey in the Fryer


turkey in hot fryer
Fried Turkey Getting Started


rest fried turkey 10 minutes
Turkey Resting After Being Fried


pretty and yummy fried turkey breast
Yummy Fried Turkey Breast

I was thrilled to get a new Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey Fryer which carries the Butter Ball turkey name. This is the first time the big turkey company has endorsed a turkey fryer.

Old Outdoor Turkey Fryer

We had one of the old outdoor turkey fryers that use a gas base with a huge pot or vat on top full of boiling oil. A lot of people are scared of turkey fryers, and the fryers did make me tad nervous, although we had some really tasty fried turkey on the gas model.

With the gas and the stand on the old style turkey fryers, there were some reported accidents including bad burns and catching stuff on fire. Most of those were likely due to not following the directions or not be careful, but still . . . I hesitate to do fried turkey especially with kids or pets around.

Newer and Safer Approach to Deep Frying a Turkey

The Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey fryer is much like the home fryers you’d use to make French fries or other deep fried foods, but it’s larger to hold a turkey. It’s a basic counter top fryer model with a lid which cuts down on splatters and also keeps the air in the house from getting greasy smelling and feeling.

The heat source is electricity, so no gas fuel to worry about. This makes for good constant heat and nice regulation. The down side to that is that you have to have electricity to use the Masterbuilt turkey fryer, so if you want to go outside, you need a place to plug it up.

What Does the ButterBall Turkey Fryer Include

The turkey fryer includes the housing box with the insulated heating elements down in the unit and then a basket to hold the turkey as well as a lifter to use to pull the basket up. The basket has a ridge that allows it to sit on the top edge too for the meat to rest at the end of the frying.

In the back is a knob and then a spout so that the oil can be cleaned out from the bottom rather than trying to dump all that oil somewhere and getting grease all over the unit and yourself like I can manage to do.

The instruction booklet also includes a variety of recipes which is nice.

How to Use the Indoor Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer

You just fill up the turkey fryer to the clearly make fill line inside with oil. I use a gallon and a half in mine which works fine. The oil does need to have a high smoke point, so we use peanut oil which gives a nice flavor too.

Then, you use the knob to set the heat level. It’s 375 degrees for a whole turkey but 325 for a breast. The red light shows you that it’s on, and the green light comes on when it reaches the set temperature.

The turkey goes in the basket, and then using the lifter piece, you gently set the basket down in the hot oil. The turkey needs to be totally defrosted and patted dry well, since oil and water do not mix and can cause splatters. Not a good thing when frying.

Once the turkey is in the fryer, just close the lid and cook at the listed time. That’s just 4 minutes per pound, and it’s quite accurate. I just followed those guidelines with perfect results.  

When the Fried Turkey is Done Frying

Once the time is up, unplug the turkey fryer and place the fry basket up on the ridge on the edge to rest for 10 minutes or so. The turkey fryer is built well and sturdy, so that’s easy to manage, and it lets the extra oil drip off.

Once the turkey rests a bit, just lift up the basket and put the turkey on a platter or serving pan and slice like any other turkey. I use an old fashioned electric knife and even if those aren’t seen as often now, they work great. I use mine a lot.

How Does Fried Turkey Taste?

Frying a turkey seals in the flavor and also makes the outside pretty and brown plus nice and crispy. Although I love oven baked turkey and crock pot turkey, I must say that turkey really is better fried.

To add even more flavor to the turkey, it works out nice to brine the turkey before frying. And, they can also be injected with various flavors.

I like to use rubs on my fried turkeys. That does make the grease kind of icky though, so I don’t re-use the oil (strain with cheese cloth and save) when I rub the turkey before frying. The flavor on the skin is so nice with rub that I don’t mind.

Can I Do Anything Else with the Turkey Fryer?

Although the Masterbuilt is billed and thought of as a turkey fryer, it’s great for any kind of fried food and especially when you have a lot of food to fry. Also, you can use water and do various kinds of large recipe boils in the unit. So, it’s more versatile that at first glance.



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