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Grilled Potatoes on the Grate with Seasonings
How to Make Yummy Potatoes on the Barbecue Grill

parboil potatoes
Parboil Potatoes for the Grill


slice potatoes to go on grill
Drain, Cool, and Slice Potatoes


shake potatoes with sauce recipe
Shake to Coat with Dressing Mix


potatoes on grill with boneless chicken breasts
Grill - Don't Need the Hottest Spot


grilled potatoes on grill grate
Yum - Grilled Potatoes

Potatoes are hard vegetables, so they’re a little tricky to grill. You can always go with potato foil packs which are super easy, but direct cooked grilled potatoes are worth the extra time and effort.

It is possible to toss raw potatoes on the grill. You’ve got to have small potatoes (like new red skinned potatoes) and use low heat. They take a long time to cook, and it works better to cook them with the grill lid on or down. Another option is to bury whole potatoes down in the hot coals. Again this is a timely process.

The big problem with cooking raw potatoes is that most grillers (unless they are very good) end up with the outsides burned and the insides crunchy. If this does not sound too appetizing, then know it tastes as bad as it sounds. I know from experience.

The Secret to Grilled Potatoes

The real secret to turning out perfect potatoes straight off the grill is to parboil. If you are saying, “Duh, what the heck is parboil?” do not feel bad. It’s not a word tossed around just every day.

Parboil simply means that you cook the potatoes in a pot of water until they are pretty close done. Just throw them in the pot in the jackets provided by Mother Nature and cook at close to boiling for a half hour or so. You can cook them faster, but if you do not watch close, you will have them done (and they will not stay together well on the grill).

To test parboiled potatoes, use a fork and poke one of the potatoes. If the fork slides in with just a little give, then the potatoes are ready. Do keep an eye and keep checking. If you cook them to mush, then they will not work well on the grill.

Getting the Potatoes Ready for the Grill

Once the potatoes are parboiled, let them drain in a colander. They can sit for quite a while. In fact, you want to let them cool a bit, so they don’t burn your fingers when you cut them in slices.

I suppose you could cut the potatoes in any shapes you want. I cut them in about half inch slices round in shape. This makes for more even grilling than wedges. But, go with what you think looks good. They cook up pretty good no matter the shape.

Spice up Those Potatoes – Or They’ll Be Awfully Bland

Potatoes are fabulous, but if you have not noticed, they tend to be a bit bland when served totally plain. So, you will probably want to shake them up with my Grilled Potato sauce.

Grilled Potato Sauce Recipe

4-6 potatoes (enough to feed four people)
½ cup Italian dressing (the thin oily type with seasonings)
½ cup Miracle Whip (mayonnaise is fine too)
1 tsp salt (or seasoning salt)
1 tsp pepper

Put all the sauce ingredients in a quart or gallon zip lock bag (depending on how may you’re making). Add more sauce if needed—just a squirt of dressing or mayo as needed. Mix the seasonings by zipping the bag shut and mashing everything around until smooth.

Add the potato slices. Shake and roll the bag around (but not roughly) until the potatoes are coated.

Toss the Potatoes on the Grill

Now, this is the messy part. You reach in the bag of gooey potatoes and take slices out and place them on the grill, or tongs can be helpful. Spraying the grate with Pam beforehand is a good idea, but the Italian dressing generally prevents sticking.

If you’re cooking meat, you probably want that in the center where the heat is hotter. The potatoes are pretty well cooked, so they can go around the edges. You’re lightly finishing up the cooking, setting the sauce, adding the smoke flavor, and the grill marks.

How Do Grilled Potatoes Taste?

Now, I would never steer you wrong. Grilled potatoes are the max. They taste a bit like French fries but better with the smoke flavor. My boys go wild over these. They don’t get them as often, since they have the extra cooking step. But, they are worth every second of that parboiling and shaking. In fact, if it wasn’t already dark outside, I think I’d cook a batch right up. I’m getting cravings just thinking about Grilled Potatoes.



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